Classic Black and White

Posted on July 04, 2014 by Bon ::

Sometimes it's just about the basics. This cafe in the Sydney CBD, is a great example of how beautifully a mix of black and white bentwood chairs go with a light coloured marble table top. Simply stunning.

While everything goes in cycles, black and white in any décor really is one of the great timeless colour palettes of clever interior design. Used extensively across both classic and modern interiors, it's versatility can also be found across fashion, art, photography and of course furniture itself. We are almost sold out of white Bon Uno's with the next container due in a couple of weeks. If you're after some white dining chairs for your home, you can get them here with Free shipping Australia Wide. 

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Modern or Classic

Posted on May 28, 2014 by Bon ::

An avid Bon Bentwood lover and customer of ours, sent us in this picture of a restaurant which was closed at the time, in Double Bay, Sydney. The striking thing for us about this picture is just how timeless bentwood chairs are whether they are for home or in a café, restaurant or bar. Whether the interior is modern or classic, the Bon Uno just seems to compliment the space beautifully.

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Autumn Change

Posted on March 10, 2014 by Bon ::

Despite the warm, humid days, autumn has begun. Spring and autumn, the 2 seasons centred on change, are also the two seasons that seem to inspire people to refresh, renew and change. Often that change is focussed on the home which means people climbing into garages and attics to clean out and reorganise all sort of things.  We were helping a friend on the weekend and while rediscovering the back of their very old and dusty garage, we found these two beautiful, original bentwood chairs. After more than 130yrs, original bentwoods are still the most popular chair designs of all time.


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Beyonce, Jay-Z and Bentwood

Posted on January 28, 2014 by Bon ::


..Happy New Year everyone... Happy Australia Day too... how did we get to January 28 so quickly?

And our year starts off in spectacular style... what can we say but the Queen has impeccable taste. Photo grab of Beyonce from last night at the Grammy Awards. 135 years on and Michael Thonets bentwood design is still as relevant as ever. We have brand new stock of black Bon Uno bentwood chairs just in… grab yours now.


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Thank You Everyone

Posted on December 19, 2013 by Bon ::

Thank you to all of our loyal and valued customers for making 2013 such a great year for us and choosing to invest in better quality furniture rather than having a 'price is all that matters' ethos. It's been a crazy month for us but we got there. Here's a little pic of the last orders for 2013 going out on Tuesday.

Have a fantastic Christmas, New Year and holiday break and enjoy the celebrations on your beautiful new bentwood chairs. See you all next year!! The Bon Team

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