Frequently Asked Questions

Are your bentwood chairs made in China?

No. We do not sell any replica bentwood chairs made in China or made anywhere else in Asia. We only sell genuine European bentwood chairs that are handmade in Europe. Europe is the heartland of high quality timber furniture.  It always has been and always will be.

Do you supply bentwood chairs to designers, café’s and restaurants for commercial projects?

Yes. If you have a requirement for a commercial project (12+ chairs of one type) then please contact our head office. Nufurn is the sole distributor of Bon bentwood chairs in Australia.

What is your returns policy? 

We offer a 7 day returns policy.  If you are unsatisfied with your purchase or have a simple change of mind, you can return the items to us for a full refund (excluding the delivery fee). Please see our returns policy for more details.

Will each individual classic bentwood chair be identical?

They will be similar but not exactly the same. Just like your fingerprints, there are no two trees or pieces of timber in the entire world, that are exactly identical to each other. As your bentwood chairs are made from solid timber, each chair will have something that is unique about it. That is the enduring nature of bentwood furniture which gives each individual item its character and makes it unique.

How strong are your bentwood chairs?

Incredibly strong. All Bon bentwood chairs are made to a commercial standard and are suitable for heavy commercial use. We offer a 3 year warranty on all of our bentwood chairs. See our warranty policy for more details.

Does the timber used to manufacture my bentwood chairs come from a sustainable source?

Yes. All Bon bentwood chairs are made from FSC certified European Beech timber and come from sustainable sources.

Can my bentwood furniture be used outdoors?

No. Bentwood chairs are for indoor use only. Exposure to the outdoor elements will decrease the lifespan of your furniture and void the warranty. Bentwood chairs exposed to direct sunlight can fade over time.

Can I visit your showroom?

Yes, you are welcome to visit our showroom. The showroom is open Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 4pm. We are not open on weekends. Nufurn, our parent company and the sole distributor of Bon bentwood in Australia, was established in Sydney in 1996. Nufurn is a leading supplier of commercial furniture to the hospitality industry. The Bon range is displayed in the Nufurn showroom so if you wish to visit, please contact us to arrange a time.

Can I pick up from your warehouse?

Yes, but you will need to contact us first to set a day for pickup.

Will the chairs scratch my floors?

All of our timber chairs come with nylon foot glides prefixed to the underside of the chair feet. While these glides may be suitable for most floor types, it remains your responsibility to determine if it is suitable for your floors. As there are many different types of floors out there, we recommend using felt pads if you are concerned. A range of felt pads are commonly available from your local hardware store.