The ‘Bon Uno’ bentwood chair, the flagship of the Bon range, represents the most renowned chair design of all time. A timeless classic for over 130 years, the Bon Uno is instantly at home in virtually any environment.

Its simple elegance and beautiful lines have endured through a thousand design trends and will endure a thousand more. Many have called it design perfection. Impossible to imitate or replicate, the Bon Uno is an Icon.

The main Bon factory was established in 1883 in Eastern Europe. Forever focused on producing classic European bentwood furniture, the factory has thrived for more than 130 years, as a boutique manufacturer remaining 100% true to the bentwood craft. Understanding that people always value quality, the key to this longevity has been the ability to remain a boutique manufacturer producing beautiful bentwood chairs to a standard, rather than to a price point. It remains today, one of the world’s premier producers of authentic bentwood dining chairs and furniture.

The Bentwood Furniture manufacturing process:

Stage 1: Timber Sorting, Seasoning and Milling

Stage 2: Secondary Cutting and Natural Drying

Stage 3: Controlled Kiln Drying

Stage 4: ‘Blank’ Cutting

Stage 5: Steam Bending the Timber into Shape

Stage 6: Sanding

Stage 7: Assembly

Stage 8: Staining and Lacquering

Stage 9: Packaging